Wednesday, 16 April 2014

... Half a dozen eggs

 I have a little round up of a few of my favourite Easter creations from over the years here, there may be a couple that you missed. If you are anything at all like me, you may be scrabbling around for a few last minute ideas, my personal favourites are the quick cheaty Easter fried eggs, but I did those last year, so I need something else.... anyhow, hope you likey - and if you are all set already, I encourage you to pin these ideas for future use!

The store will be taking a small shipping break (the Post Offfice will be closed for a few days), and I will be taking a couple of days away from the office to roll hard boiled eggs down the hill and eat plenty of chocolate, -  so if I'm not chatting to you before Sunday, may I wish you a very Blessed Easter.

Here are some of my favourite past projects - click on the links below if you would like to go to the relevant blog posts - it should be noted that Spellbinders no longer make the Egg dies, but the projects may be easily replicated by cutting with scissors.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

...a little eggy goodness 

You might recall this little card from later year's A Good Egg stamp set - well this week we had the matching dies come in and I am just getting them onto the store this evening! Yep, we are cutting it a little fine for Easter this year, but since we are shipping these from both the UK and USA locations, you just might have time to put something together!

The die set features an egg, a banner and two of the flower shapes from the stamp set.

This is absolutely nothing to do with stamps, but you may indeed read on if you too are struggling with, how shall we put this... your own personal vintage. It was suggested to me the other night, by somebody who ought to know better, that I'm getting on a bit. How very dare he.

If you are a taut twenty something and we met at a 'function', it's just possible that you would be tempted to deposit me with your mum and take yourself off to where all the other young folks are clinking glasses and comparing the absence of cellulite, but I can still imitate a slim-ish woman for a whole 47 seconds (after which I need to breathe) and I have a most useful facial feature. I have dimples. Dimples are great, instant youthfulness guaranteed. All I have to do is remember to smile, and by crikey I smiled at the muppet who should have known better the other night.

Being the age I am with the children I have, I often bump into folks I went to school with, ferrying their offspring around to all the events that my own offspring also attend. Folks from your past, in particular old school acquaintances, often mistake ancient fraternity for recent familiarity and I have found that this especially occurs with the male of the species who was perhaps a bit stand-offish, or even cheeky as a pre-teen boy. If you are really unlucky, like I was the other night, you bump into one whose mother never told him that generally, a lady does not like to have her age discussed in public, especially among strangers. Nigel obviously never got the memo and thought it would be fun to introduce my incredible antiquity to the general chat among the group of daddies gathered with us in the foyer...

Time to engage the dimples. Lots of dimples, also raised eyebrows. Feigning complete surprise is always a good move. With dimples set to 'stun' I decided to throw in the anime eyes for good measure. Having sucked in my breath 42 seconds previously I also knew that I needed to be outside within the next five and so as I grinned a last a goodbye wave and wafted around the doorway out into the night the uncomfortableness ended at last when I heard one of the daddies say "Catch a grip Nige, there's no way she's as old as you!"

A silent prayer of thankfulness for the unknown daddy. Don't care whether he really believed it it or not, chivalry lives on.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

...Back in stock

Folks the following items are now back in stock at the store, all orders already waiting for these items have now shipped and the remainder of the stock has been added to the store.

Stamps back in stock

Fine feathers
Midnight Feast
A Cottage Home
Say it Loud
All Hallows Eve
A Cottage Home
Folk art Medallion
Way Out west
Half Pint Heroes
Sewing Box Christmas
Vintage Witch
Santa's coming to town
Big Day Today
Funky Feathers
Funky Flowers
Say it with Style
Frame it
Half Pint Heroines
Teeny Trees
Chicken Wire
Very Vintage Christmas
Afternoon Tea Sentiments
Ornate Ornaments
Ovals Classic frames
Fancy Phrases

Dies back in stock

Folk Art Christmas
Fine Feathers
Gift Card It
Funky Feathers

The following sets are now also available from USA

You're Lovely
Halloween Party
Light of the World
Sewing Box Christmas

Monday, 31 March 2014

Hi there...It's Lynn here, posting on Claire's blog because she has her hands full trying to fill all the back orders now that new stock has arrived, and we wouldn't want to interrupt THAT. *giggle*

I wanted to pop in and announce the March Pajama Party Bedtime Sketch Winner since it was promised last week! Better late than never, right?

So without further delay, the winner is..................................

#10 Bridget 

Congratulations Bridget. Please send Claire an e-mail at:  claire@waltzingmousestamps. Once I will get your e-mail, I will return a special code for you to use the next time you check out at Waltzingmouse 

Thanks again for everyone's participation and support of Waltzingmouse Stamps!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

...a little help from Annie Sloan

I'm dosed to the gills this week, haven't been doing much crafting, thanks to the school germ pool once again, but DH has been a busy bee fixing up the fireplace, I was pretty chuffed with how it turned out and thought you might like a peep (actually I'm pretty sure you are not really that interested, but I could not resist the opportunity to show off a junk shop find...  besides, this may be the one and only time I actually nail it like Martha and manage to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear...). 

The white surround was a real live junk shop find, picked up for next to nothing, it is a wooden reproduction surround and DH painted it with some of that lovely Annie Sloan Chalk paint - it gives a pretty vintage finish. We sourced a cast iron insert to fit and splurged slightly by having it fitted by a professional. Next thing is to pain the wall behind a darker shade to help throw out the fireplace a little more and pop a few rugs in front of the hearth when it dries up to hide that gap...

I'm not much of a decorator but one tip I have picked up is that sometimes you can get away with cheaper materials if you get the thing made/fitted correctly - this holds especially true for curtains. You can use fabric that is cheap by the yard, but if you have them well made with proper linings etc they can look every bit as good as 'posh' curtains.

Below I have a few 'before' shots of the fireplace as it was when we moved in before Christmas. The old 70's style fireplace was looking a little tired. The groovy carpet is actually much easier to live with than you might suppose, it is terrific quality and hoovers up really well - I keep telling myself that, we're going to have to live with it a while longer.

Below - the surround was originally a wooden finish - we took off the lantern carving on the centre front as it was what my friend called 'a bit agricultral looking' - sanded it a bit and then painted it white. Here, I'm trying it out on top of the old fireplace to get an idea of what the thing will look like.

Half way through, not pretty...

 What are you up to this weekend?