Thursday, 26 March 2015 to have your teeth drilled by...

Today I can't even....anything. 

It started bad, small boy announced this morning that today was evacuee day at school and he needed a costume. That was grand except it was 8:30 am and we were on the way out the door to school. Full scale scattering match as we tried to round up a waistcoat and some brown paper. We totally nailed it, in a failingly crappy type of way. The idea was to dress up as a World War Two evacuee child. I'm not so sure they wore chinos and tweed waistcoats, but hey...

Dentist followed. Dentist for me. I've been having a course of 'treatment' lately - I knew my ostrich approach to dentistry would eventually land me in trouble and it all came home to roost about a month ago. Couple of broken teeth, niggling pains, yep it was time to book myself in. Some fears are so deep rooted that they just cannot be overcome, but pain is a super motivating factor. Problem was my favourite oral bio-mechanical structural engineer had up and done a moonlit flit to Armagh, without telling me and I was left high and dry.

Normally I get on well with all peoples, but the receptionists at the usual place were a bit sneery, I mean, what's a lapse of a handful of years in the grand scheme of things? "What's that? Kevin's left now? He's got married and moved away? He has three kids now? Really? when did that all happen?"

Anyhow I decided to shift camp and asked around. So glad I did, my new dentist is lovely. So lovely. Such a nice lady, and the added bonus, as my small daughter says, is her fingers are waaayyyyy smaller that the last dude's, it doesn't feel like you have a whole hand of bananas in there at all.

In a hypothetical kind of way, and on behalf of a friend, I asked her if she had any good ideas for folks who could be described as just the teensiest wee bit terrified, you know, just in case I ever needed to advise anybody. She told me to bring my ipod and some earphones. Life changing moment. There I lie blasting ELO though my brains at max. Mr Bumpy can't compete with Mr Blue sky. I win!

The after freeze face-ache is a killer tho....

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

...Easter Blessings

A real quickie today, I'm working on a load of stuff but it's all admin based and so not very pretty! I rustled up this card in between making 120 lunches for one of the badminton events that my kids attended over the weekend. Longest weekend of my life so far, and coming hot on the heels of our family's bid to sustain the most cold and flu viruses in one household over a calendar year period, I was not exactly full of the joys of Spring...

I die cut the Easter word from a plain white panel the same size as the card front. On the actual card front, I had painted on some ink colours, a little orange, some yellow, just to give a strong background colour to show up through the letterforms. I die cut a flower shape in the panel from the Good Egg dies also. On the actual card front, I clear embossed the corresponding flower stamp (from the A Good Egg stamp set) and then flooded that area with a vibrant pink ink. When I overlaid the white panel on top, all the right areas popped with colour. A little black to accent it and I was done!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

...Simple Easter tags and Basic Partial die cutting

Evening folks - are you ready for a little Easter Prep? - If you are the type that has all the stuff made already, right down to all the bows tied, well, I'm impressed. I'm a last minute gal, which is kinda annoying, but that's a whole other adventure into psychology and I'm not qualified to lecture on that so let's just say I'd love to be more like you!

'Simple' and 'Easy' are both friends of mine and the older I get, the friendlier we become. The three of us knocked up these tags quite quickly the other night using the new Easter word die and I was very happy with how they turned out. I love how the 'Easter' word sits up a little from the coloured background tag and casts a shadow - you can encourage that by mounting with little foam adhesive pads.

I also used elements from the A Good Egg stamp set and

 Good Egg die set to dress up my tags.

Seriously it does not get much easier. I did a little partial die cutting, been itching to do this with a suitable word die and here it is - the Easter word die.

Basic Partial Die Cutting

I wanted to cut the word out, but leave a little at the bottom attached to the card stock that it was cut from. Here's how I did it:

I taped the die to some cardstock (I'm using yellow card in this example) and lined the bottom of the word die and card right up to and slightly over the cutting plate on my Cuttlebug. You have to sort of eyeball this from both sides. Once I had it in place I taped it to my cutting plate - the pic above shows what this looks like when I have run it through the bug. You can see the words are cut out all around except for a little area at the bottom of the 'E' and the flourish of the 'r'.

Below is what it looks like when you take off the cutting plate.

Once you take off the tape and flip it right side up, it looks like the example blow (I'm using a white card example here)

Next thing to do is take a ruler and a craft knife (- I'm using a clear quilting ruler and a scalpel) and line it up between the two uncut areas of the diecut. This word makes it very easy because most of the middle letters are higher than the 'E' and the 'r'. All you do is cut a straight line between those two letters.

Once you have done that. the word becomes free of the base section and you can use it on your project. In the yellow example below you can see how I'm lining up a stitched tag die over the word to make a further cut.

This is exactly how I made the words for each of these these tags. Have a go! This 'Easter' die is a lovely die for this technique, such a pretty font and I love how the 'E' and the 'r' are just that little bit lower, allowing the middle letters to be cut out fully. Ok, I'm off to go tackle some admin now...have fun!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

...oldies but goodies

ED- Beth - I think it's an old PTI stamp! thanks for the kind comments!

Hands up who remember these? If you do, you have been with us for a staggering 6 years! Pat on the back to you and a Very Happy St Patrick's Day to you and yours!

These were made with some of our first ever sets, Irish Blessings and Celtic Heritage. It's a little late for stamping for St Pat's now, but if you still fancy having a go, we have a couple of Irish themed freebies at the store, sure, we are early for next year...

Freebie Vintage Postcard Image

Freebie Shamrock Digital stamp

Freebie St Patrick's Day Label digital stamp

Friday, 13 March 2015


Below, or somewhere very like it, is where I hope to be on Sunday. It'll be Mother's Day here in UK and I'm going to try and exercise my privilege and get out and do a little vintiquing. For once I actually have a reason to go shopping, I'm having a Vintage Tea party soon for a special little lady and I'm looking for props, mismatched vintage tea cups, that sort of thing. I managed to get this lovely trio above for just a few bob, but I'm going to have to pick up a few more if I want to really carry the theme off.

In reality I'll be hitting the charity shops, it's all very well having aspirations towards a Champagne lifestyle but when you are on a lemonade budget, you kinda have to cut your cloth accordingly... there will be lots of homemade party props... if I can remember to photograph them, I'll pop them up here -

 So, what are your plans for the weekend? Whatever you are doing, hope it's fabby.