Thursday, 26 May 2016

...It's tonight!! The Gina K Stamp TV Release party!

It's tonight!!! There is going to be such a lot of fabby inspiration, I've seen some of what the DT folks have!!! So this is YOUR personal invite to the party, which will be at STAMP TV tonight! You can't say you weren't asked....

Here's a peep at one of my cards, feels so great to be making again!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

...sneaky peeks at Gina's and How to party at Stamp TV

Gina 'peeked' these two sets on her Facebook page today, these are two of my 5 existing sets that will be released tomorrow. Can't tell you how fabby it is to be working with Gina.

The big release happens tomorrow, and I believe the Ning site is now working again and so I look forward to seeing you all at the release party - Have you been to a Gina K party before? Maybe you have, but if not, here's how to take part: Sean, the DT coordinator made up this handy graphic, it explains so much, so I'm just gonna go ahead and swipe that from his FB...

So go ahead, get yourself over to Stamp TV and make yourself at home, get a wee grove worn into your seat so's you'll be all comfy for tomorrow's release! See you there!

...So what's happening? New stuff - that's what's happening!

There's a New Gina K release this week - and I have been busy making some cards - now that I'm on the DT I get to actually make stuff!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. I am especially excited to be making cards with stamps that I didn't even have to draw! LOL, it is ridiculous how happy this makes me. Now don't get me wrong, I love drawing stamps, but I have had a blast working with three sets this week that come from Gina's super talented crew, it feels more like fun than work and I'm just gonna hold that thought, because it's been a while since I had some genuine crafty fun.

Have you seen the sneak peeks - if not here they are for you:

 Here is sneak peek #1 of our May release! If you have lots of beautiful flower stamps, this set will be a MUST-have! Melanie Muenchinger's new Fill it with Flowers gives you all kind of containers, vases, paper wraps, decorative bows, twines and even a few new flowers! WAIT until you see this set!
 Sneak Peek #3- Bethann Erin Silaika has another new adorable set to add to her collection of whimsical characters! Meet Sophie! Whether it's a get well card, a birthday wish, a gift card holder or just a little love, Sophie Pig will make them smile.

Sneak Peek #2- Theresa Momber has create a sister set to her best selling Country Roads stamp set! Country Roads 2 features gorgeous peaceful images and greetings perfect for masculine cards or for anyone who loves the country lifestyle.

Also there might be a few former WMS sets in the offing on Thursday also, (*cough Planner Basics Frames cough), you never know what you might find, I'd strongly advise a wee trip to Gina's. :)

So pop the date in your diary - the new release goes live on Thursday, 7 PM, May 26th! Hold fast for more details, The party 'should' be on the Stamp TV website, but I know there are a few gremlins over at the Ning site right now, but I will post again tomorrow to let you know what the plan is!

Friday, 22 April 2016

... settling in at Gina K's place

One of the things I'm trying to do now that WMS has closed is to get my head around the amazing company that I am joining (In case you didn't hear, I'll be designing for Gina K). I had 'seen' Gina around the web for years, I'd built up an admiration of her company, her designs and then her personality. I managed to have a few chats with her over the years and I found that all the lovely things folks said about her were true. Gina is a genuinely lovely lady and the way she runs her company was always a huge inspiration to me at WMS. I'll say it again, I am honoured to be joining  the crew and while I sit here twiddling my thumbs waiting for the Postie to bring me my Sending Love Stamp TV kit, I'm doing a little snooping around over at Gina's. Here's a pic of what I'm waiting on (squeal! LOVE gingham papers!)....

There's actually quite a lot to see. Now that I have some time on my hands, I'm beginning to explore the possibilities and I thought that you might like an intro too. Most of you will already know Gina K designs, but if you haven't been over yet, here's a list of all the great places you can connect with Gina K Designs -

The Gina K Designs store is here: Gina K Store

Just a quick note about the online store
"The Gina K. Designs online store will be closed through Friday, April 29th so we can move to our new location! We will reopen at 9:00 AM Saturday morning with lots of inventory back in stock! Videos will continue on StampTV and we hope you will join us there for inspiration and fun while we set up our new location. All orders currently in the system will continue to ship until they are all out. Thanks so much for you patience as we strive to make our online store better than ever before!"
-  the background to this is that Gina is opening a brand new bricks and mortar store - you lucky folks in USA will be able to actually visit this soon! Read all about the new store here.

The Stamp TV site is here: Stamp TV

Stamp TV is a FREE community with literally thousands of resources in the form of videos (over 780! of them), tutorials, galleries, forums, downloads, and the like. ALL FREE. No subscription...nope... You can get in there right now and learn new stuff right away. It's a great place to set up your crafty home on the web and I look forward to building my page there and getting to know the 'locals'.

If you just want to ogle thousands of purty cards, check this out: Stamp TV/Gina K Pinterest account

I especially love the inspirational behind the scenes insight and motivational pics on Gina's Instagram

Facebookers can connect with Gina K designs here: Gina K Facebook Page

Tweeters, find Gina K here.

The pic I snaffled to head up this post is a sample made to illustrate one of the many techniques that you can learn over at Stamp TV. Pop over to see the video now! it's right here.

Ok, that's a beginners list - we've a lot of super info to get through folks, why don't you pop over to Stamp TV and join up for free and we can explore it all together!

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Pinch me!

Folks, the most fabulous news! I am to be part of the Gina K team. I cannot begin to tell you in words what this means to me - did you SEE all the lovely things Gina wrote about me! I'm pinching myself. Right now I am the luckiest lady in stampland and I'm just gonna take a moment and let this all sink in! Gina has been an idol of mine since I discovered stamping and it is an absolute honor to be associated in any way with her company. I am so grateful for the chance to work with Gina and her amazing team!